2021 Elections and Appointments
By Admin Member Sarah Fowler
January 7, 2021

The department held it's annual elections and appointments on January 6, 2021.

The results are as follows:

Chief: Jeffrey Hammett
Deputy Chief: Alexis Frye, Jr.
Assistant Chief: Joshua Gragan
Captain: Michael Higdon
Lieutenant: Tyler Limeberry
Lieutenant: Phillip Rieman
Assistant EMS Chief: Richard Poole
EMS Captain: Cynthia Frye
Chief Engineer: Thomas Belle
Deputy Engineer: Brian Rollins
Safety Office: David Williams

President: Robert Black
Vice President: Jeffrey Goldsmith
Treasurer: Hoover Thompson
Secretary: Kaytie Bowie
Chaplain: George Hayden

Board of Directors at Large:
Larry Fisher
Brian Rollins
Bobby Presley
Joshua Gragan

Congratulations to all!