Squad Assists Company 1 with Extrication
April 30, 2017

Rescue Squad 10 and Chief 10 responded to this MVC with Extrication in La Plata just after 2100 hours. RS10 crew members assisted Rescue Engine 13 and Engine 31 with the removal of a patient following a head-on collision. In total, 2 patients required Extrication and 5 patients were transported altogether. Maryland State Police - Aviation Command crews were utilized to air lift 3 patients to local trauma centers. Duty 1 held the Command.

Engine 102 with an additional crew responded to and assisted with the LZ at La Plata High School for Trooper 2 and Trooper 7.

Photos courtesy of Firefighter J. Rose (WVFD Co.3)

Units: Rescue Squad 10, Engine 102, Chief 10