Severe Weather Takes Units to Westmoreland
April 21, 2017

Around 2000 hours, Engine Company 10 was alerted to King George County to assist with filling the quarters of NDWFD Co.28 due to several calls from severe storms that had come through the area. Engine 101 started that way, leaving a second crew back at our station. While enroute, E101 was moved to KG Company 1 for the fill-in. A short time later, E101 was rerouted to for a tree on a house. While they were handling that call, Chief 10 was proceeding to K.G. County to assist Battalion 1. After determining that K.G. County was scaling back their responses, the request was made for Chief 10 to respond to Colonial Beach to assist at the EOC/Unified Command Post.

Engine 101, Engine 104, B-10, Chief 10 and Chief 10A responded to Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County Virginia. Their area had suffered major damage from a severe storm that had passed through before it reached King George. Chief 10 set up at the Command Post and assisted with the coordination and control of all units operating in the field, including Maryland and Virginia crews. BAVFD units, along with multiple other Charles County and Maryland based units assisted the Virginia crews with home searches, tree removals, and several calls to assist citizens.

Crews remained in Colonial Beach until approx. 0200 hours until being released by Chief 1 (Robey).

Photos courtesy of several Facebook postings.

Units: Engine 101, Engine 104, B-10, Chief 10, Chief 10A
Mutual Aid: Engine 11, Engine 54, Engine 94, Engine 144, B-6, B-11, B-12, Mini-Pumper 24, NDWFD - Dahlgren Engine 281, Truck 28, Brush 28, Pax River Brush 13